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Arnside Youth Project Extraordinary General Meeting
Friday, 1st February 2019. 6pm in the Margaret Matheson Room at the E.I, Church Hill. 
This is a vital meeting to decide the future of the Arnside Youth Project so please attend if you can! '
We are also currently looking for members of the community to join our management committee. Interested? Call Jude on 01524 762053 

Chair and Secretary required for Arnside Youth Project                               

The Youth Group are looking for a Chair and Secretary.  The posts would suit a parent, grandparent, ex teacher or ex youth worker. 
Contact: for more details.
The Youth Project is a charity which runs sessions for ages 9 to 13 in the EI on Fridays during term time from 6 to 7.30pm.                                                                      1st December 2018

Flats Available at Millom Court - Studio and one bedroomed flats for the over 55's, from £109 per week. All have cooker and fridge/freezer, partial heating and hot water included in the rent, manager on site during the week, 24 hour emergency call system. Housing Benefit welcome. Lively social scene. Call Johnnie Johnson (Housing) on 0345 305 5335.
Age UK South Lakeland - Tablet Loan Scheme A new scheme to loan Tablets to people who are isolated and have no IT equipment. Contact: Helen Prince  
Swifts in the Community – Arnside Group

A group of enthusiasts committed to the conservation of swifts in the local area. 
We are active from May to early August. Newcomers welcome. 
We would also welcome information on where swifts may be nesting in the local area. 
Please contact Peter Moreton for more information  on 01524 762043  or email: 
Visit our web site on

1220-2020: Flax to Linen Project  at Heron Corn Mill, Beetham

Heron Corn Mill will celebrate 800 years of milling over the next 18 months with an exciting Heritage Lottery Funded project which will explore the mill site’s diverse industrial past.

The ‘Flax to Linen’ part of the1220-2020 project aims to bring small scale flax growing and fibre production back to the Beetham and Milnthorpe area, with Flax also being processed into linen cloth, which will form the basis of our exciting ‘Medieval Linen’ art work to  be created in 2020.
 To this end we are giving away ‘Flax Pax’, which contain all of the seeds and information that you will need to grow a patch of beautiful blue flax blooms in your own garden or on your allotment. 
Flax is easy to grow in any well drained sunny spot, with the seeds being sown in late March or early April and blooming in June/July. If the flax is to be processed for fibre, it is pulled about a month after it has bloomed.

’Flax Pax’ are free and if you would like to grow some flax please complete the form available on our website and return it to Heron Corn Mill. If you are able to grow a large area of flax (over 5 sq/m) to support our project please get in touch for a special large area ‘Flax Pax’.
‘Flax Pax’ will be available for collection beginning of February. If you would like us to post your ‘Flax Pax’ please include a minimum donation of £1 to cover postage and packing.
Fascinating Flax Fact 2: The Latin name for the flax plant used to produce fibre is Linum usitatissimum which means ‘the most useful kind of flax'.     																		       11th November 2018
£50,000 awarded to test Arnside viaduct walkway and cycle crossing                    
Striding towards a new route across Morecambe Bay

An award of £50,000 to Morecambe Bay Partnership will cost and explore the opportunities of a walking and cycling route alongside Arnside viaduct. 
The idea has been around for years. A community Group 'Arnside to Grange (AToG)' have been working with Morecambe Partnership and others to see how this could happen. The idea comes from the local community who had looked forward to walking across the viaduct on Christmas Day. 10 years ago the tradition was stopped for safety reasons and the idea to build a new footpath/cyclepath along the side of the viaduct was born. 
Susannah Bleakley,  Chief Executive of Morecambe Bay Partnership said: “We are excited to be leading this project, working closely with the local Arnside to Grange community group, investigating whether or not it’s possible to cross the Bay on foot and by bike using Arnside viaduct, linking communities along the coast. We will be exploring where the route could go, if it’s worth the investment and whether there would be more positives than negatives. If the studies show it’s a good investment we’ll have everything we need to fundraise to build the route.” 
This connection will create a vital link in the English Coastal Path, and offer a new route for the Bay Cycle Way creating a new circular route starting from either Grange or Arnside stations.  At 2,800 miles, the England Coast Path will be the longest managed and waymarked coastal path in the world when it opens fully in 2022.  The present plans are for the Coastal Path to have a halt between Grange and Arnside with the railway forming the link.   This footway link could plug that gap.  
Evidence from other long distance cycling and walking routes suggest that more walkers and cyclists could bring a very significant boost to the local economy.  
Susannah added, “We need to know how much the crossing would cost, what the challenges are, and what the additional benefits would be in terms of visitor spend.  Take a scenario where the cost of the crossing is estimated at £3M, and the increase in spend from cyclists and walkers is estimated at over £0.5M annually.  In this case, the crossing looks like a reasonable investment and it may be possible to make this case to attract the finance.  Until we do further studies we really don’t know – these are just educated guesses.” 
What is clear is that the idea has a ground swell of local support.  There have been numerous messages of support and encouragement on social media since the announcement.  In 2011 a survey in Arnside showed that 80% were in favour of the idea and 100% of the school children. 
The award will mean that studies can be done – studies critical to find out if the bridge and route should go ahead, to find out how much it will cost, what benefits and challenges it will bring and how it should be designed to help manage visitors positively. Several studies will be carried out over the winter to see how we can make this idea real. 
Network Rail has supported initial feasibility and will work with us and other partners to evaluate and test the route, economic impact and costs. 
Partners include: Morecambe Bay Partnership, Arnside to Grange Community Group, Arnside & Silverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, South Lakeland District Council, Cumbria County Council, Lake District National Park, Natural England, Sustrans, Cumbria Rail Partnership, Dallam Estate, Holker Estate.                                
                                                                                                                                                                  1st December 2018
Crossfield's Yacht Returns To Arnside
'Severn', a yacht made by Crossfields of Arnside in 1912 returned to the village thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery made possible by money raised by National Lottery players.
ASevern 3 200s well as the yacht, the grant includes funding for Arnside Archive Group to make a film about the return of the boat to village, hold an exhibition -  which be on the weekend July 14/15, and set up a website.

The project aims to bring Arnside’s maritime and boat building heritage back to life. At the turn of the 20th century, Arnside was an important boat building centre. Crossfields made fishing boats and yachts in the village. They were the leading builders of Morecambe Bay 'Prawners' which were fast sailing boats used to trawl for prawns, shrimps and flounder in the Irish Sea. 

These boats featured in a recent BBC “Britain Afloat” programme. Crossfields also built Arthur Ransome’s “Swallow”.

Whilst several of Crossfield’s boats are still in existence - including one built in 1888, another which has been sailed across the Atlantic to America, and two in the Mediterranean - there are no Crossfield’s boats in the village. Most residents and visitors have little awareness that boats were ever made in the village.

“Severn” is one of ten yachts made by Crossfields for the Royal Mersey Yacht Club. Owners of the yachts included three 1908 Olympic Silver Medallists, partners in Cunard and the 17th Earl of Derby 
Crossfield 'Severn' with sailwho was Secretary of State for War 1916-18 and involved in writing the Treaty of Versailles.

When the boat arrives in the village it will need painting before going into the water either at the end of April or early May. We hope to use the boat to take people out in the summer.

There is a Friend’s Group to help look after the yacht. If you are interested in helping care for the yacht, paint it or sail it, please email

Follow the yacht’s progress at
Arnside and Storth Community Transport Group - This newly formed group would like to thank all who responded to the recently delivered transport questionnaire. The group is now looking to form a committee to oversee the running of the group and is looking for any interested volunteers. If you are interested and require further information, please call Edgar Shepherd on 01524 761132 (evenings only).
Help Protect The Bay’s Amazing Birds
Want to know more about Morecambe Bay’s amazing waders and wildfowl? Look for dedicated volunteers - out at coastal locations throughout the winter, equipped with binoculars and telescopes and sporting distinctive Morecambe Bay Partnership blue fleeces.
The ‘Natural Ambassadors’ celebrate and help protect the birds and explain the importance of not disturbing the birds whilst they are ‘roosting’ (resting) or feeding, particularly two hours either side of high tide. Waders and wildfowl must eat a large proportion of their body weight to stay warm through winter and waste twelve times as much energy if flying to escape a danger, be that a human, or a dog running on the sands, than when roosting.
Want to become a Natural Ambassador? Contact Annabelle Kennedy at Morecambe Bay Partnership, on 07760 884357 or