Arnside Volunteer Group


Update 12th June 2020

Thank you to everyone for their support over the last few months. It has been an incredible response from all the community and real team work at its best all round. Just proves what an amazing community we have in Arnside.

The Sailing Club H Q  –  will be closed from 15th June 2020. You can still call 07375 839182 to contact the AVG. The phones will be manned between 11am – 1pm, but you can call outside those times and leave a message and someone will get back to you between 11am-1pm. Please make sure you leave your name and contact details.

Gowns & Face Coverings  –  Completed gowns and face coverings are available to collect from the Hackney & Leigh Arnside Office on the Promenade between 10am – 12 noon, Monday to Friday. The office is currently operating a ‘closed door’ policy so please knock and someone will come to the door.

If you are sewing gowns and face coverings and have some completed items, please either drop them off at the Hackney & Leigh Arnside office as above, or call AVG on 07375 839182 to arrange for them to be collected.

The W.I. & Village Hall  – the ‘Cutting Room’ for so many weeks, is now closed and we would like to say a very special ‘Thank You’ to the W.I. committee for allowing the use of the Hall during this time. The amount of PPE produced would have been much reduced without the space and facilities provided there, allowing for social distancing while allowing people to cut the material and put the ‘kits’ together.


Information For Volunteers


Residents of Arnside have come together to form a support group for everyone in our community affected by the current C -19 virus outbreak.

The aim is to support people who are ill, self-isolating or just concerned about the current outbreak.

To get in touch, call 07375 839182  or  email:

Their headquarters is in the Sailing Club on the Promenade and the phones are manned from 10am – 8pm every day for the foreseeable future. 

Services include:

Grocery delivery

Collect and deliver prescriptions:  Chemists currently open 10am-1pm & 3-5pm Monday – Friday. Saturday: 10am-12 noon.  

Cooked food delivery.

Posting of letters & any other reasonable jobs that can be performed outside the home.

Shopping at Boothscashier will call for payment and volunteer will deliver the shopping.

Checking on vulnerable or self-isolating people.

Phone Buddies – connecting people who are self-isolating or not able to get out, via phone.

Competitions Promoting Cross Community Support & Encouraging a Positive Attitude & Community Spirit.

There are 5 Mental Health Specialists available for anyone struggling at this time.

Download the AVG Information Sheet 2nd Edition

AVG Sewing Group


Follow the link here for gown and face mask photos, instructions and video. 



AVG Home Educator Forum  –  Parents are having to take on the mantle of educator on top of their     usual roles. This is proving very frustrating and embarrassing for parents.
 We have a good number of very capable and approachable teachers, in the     area. To enable access communication with these teachers – and between   parents, the AVG Home Educator Forum (a Face Book group)  has been   created.
The primary aim of this group is to connect parents with teachers. Parents can ask questions of the teachers on the discussion board or, if invited, have a private messaging chat.
The secondary aim of the group is to provide a repository for home schooling resources and enable parents who are home schooling to network with each other. Please take a look and take part.

Information about local suppliers currently trading and other useful information can be found here.

If you would like to display a poster advising that you have a weak immune system or are displaying symptoms / have tested positive for Coronavirus, you can print them off from the links below, or contact Arnside Volunteer Group on 07375 839182 or email: and they will bring one for you.