Arnside Volunteer Group


January 2021                                          Call: 07375 839182

Well, here we are again! Despite all our hopes that things would be getting back to normal by now, it wasn’t to be as yet. But hopefully we’ll get there as the weather gets warmer…..

The AVG has swung back into action, although it has been ticking along in the background all the time in any case. Call the usual number 07375 839182 to get in touch if you need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or posting letters or parcels.

The phones are manned between 11am – 5pm Monday – Friday. If there’s no answer, it may be we are tied up on another call, so just leave your name and number and a short message and someone will get back to you. , You can call outside those times and leave a message,  someone will get back to you between 11am-5pm. Please make sure you leave your name and contact details.

AVG Home Educator Forum  –  Parents are once again having to take on the mantle of educator on top of their usual roles, which is both frustrating and draining for parents.
 There are a good number of very capable and approachable teachers, in the     area. To enable access communication with these teachers – and between   parents, the AVG Home Educator Forum (a Face Book group)  has been   created.
The primary aim of this group is to connect parents with teachers. Parents can ask questions of the teachers on the discussion board or, if invited, have a private messaging chat.
The secondary aim of the group is to provide a repository for home schooling resources and enable parents who are home schooling to network with each other. Please take a look and take part.

Information about local suppliers currently trading and other useful information can be found here.

Information For Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help. The current rota can be found here

To get in touch, call 07375 839182  or  email: