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October 2021

We are proud to announce that the AVG has been awarded the ‘Bittern Award’ by Arnside and Silverdale AONB, in recognition of the AVG’s role in the community during the pandemic.
We really feel this is a great award as its from locals, to locals, which makes it very special.


The award will be presented at Arnside Women’s Institute & Village Hall at 2pm on Saturday, 2nd  October. The presentation being hosted here is particularly pertinent as most of the PPE was produced there with the help of the WI membership. 
Certificates will also be awarded to all volunteers.
It will be a good opportunity to catch up and engage in a way that was not possible for the volunteers during lockdowns. Will be great to have pictures and share stories etc.
If you can attend please respond here, and a certificate will be ready. If you are not sure then we can sort a certificate later.
Please spread the word as some volunteers are not on Facebook.
Hope to see you on Saturday, will be great to catch up.

May 2021

AVG Proudly Standing Down – for now

As of the end of April our daily rota has finished. Currently we have no need to continue the daily rota. Massive thank you to our exceptional volunteers! We are still operating our core services but demand has really dropped off. Friends and neighbours are able to support each other without fear of infection, due to vaccine uptake and infection rates being so low.

New mode of operation We continue to operate our services with our ‘any time’ volunteers. These are our volunteers that can help help most of the time ‘just give me a call’. Should you be able to help in this way please let us know.

Successful Projects Our volunteers and our village has a lot to be proud of. The original mission statement was: ‘Reduce the contagion with informed, equipped volunteers and support resident’s mental health through cross community interaction’. “You are not on your own” Due to our exceptional volunteers, we far surpassed this.

These are some of the projects we ran or supported with our volunteers:

Core services: Odd jobs, food delivery, meds delivery etc etc etc.

Phone buddies: Supporting isolated resident by introducing them to each other via phone.

PPE: We produced over 60k worth of gowns masks and visors for residents, surgeries and care homes. With volunteers from as far as Hawkshead and Lancaster, it also proved a valuable mental health project for those isolating.

Card Payments: We persuaded Rowlands pharmacy group (with the help of Tim Farron and the Lancaster Guardian) to change their corporate policy to accept card payments over the phone at all of their 500 pharmacies. This policy had nothing to do with the excellent staff at Arnside pharmacy.

Doorstep Photos: Headed up by Victoria Sedgwick, we took photos of all residents on their doorsteps. A touching and enduring reminder of lockdown life.

Competitions: We ran various competitions for fun and mental health. These competitions included: Online Quizzes, Photo Competitions, Kids Art, Cooking, Cocktail and Plane Spotting competitions.

AVG Home Educator Forum: This is a Facebook resource to help parents home school. With the help of 10 volunteers who are also teachers we offered advice and resources.

Laptop Loan Scheme: We coordinated residents with spare laptops, enabling loans to children who required laptops for home schooling.

Hot Food Delivery: In collaboration with The Albion we provided hot meals for some of our isolating residents. This was funded by the AVG and The Albion and headed up by the manager, Greg, and Dianne Smiley.

Christmas Goodie Bags: A Christmas committee was formed to plan, create and deliver 100 goodie bags. The bags were decorated by students at Arnside and Dallam schools. This was funded by contributions and by the AVG.

Christmas Pier: In conjunction with the Christmas Tree Committee, we put the tree up and decorated the tree and pier with lights. This was funded by the AVG.

Santa Sleigh: We helped Santa to visit Arnside.

Legacy Projects. Thanks to our many benefactors we still have funds to put towards post-covid projects. We are keen to bring back the Arnside Gala, light the pier at Christmas and build a Santa sleigh for Arnside. Any other legacy project ideas? Please let us know.

. We intend to put a post together with detailed lists of people and organisations that helped us, over the next few weeks. However, we would like to give thanks to some of our major benefactors:

Arnside Parish Council: Without the overwhelming support of the APC we would not have been able to set up as fast. They provided equipment, support and advice from the start.

Funding from: Cumbria Foundation, Arnside Broadsheet, Jay Stride, Andy Pringle Arnside Residents via GoFundme. Arnside Sailing Club Arnside Women’s Institute.

Please accept our apologies if you have not been listed here. We will publish a more detailed list in the next few weeks. All the best. AVG

January 2021                                                             Call: 07375 839182

Well, here we are again! Despite all our hopes that things would be getting back to normal by now, it wasn’t to be as yet. But hopefully we’ll get there as the weather gets warmer…..

The AVG has swung back into action, although it has been ticking along in the background all the time in any case. Call the usual number 07375 839182 to get in touch if you need help with shopping, collecting prescriptions or posting letters or parcels.

The phones are manned between 11am – 5pm Monday – Friday. If there’s no answer, it may be we are tied up on another call, so just leave your name and number and a short message and someone will get back to you. , You can call outside those times and leave a message,  someone will get back to you between 11am-5pm. Please make sure you leave your name and contact details.

AVG Home Educator Forum  –  Parents are once again having to take on the mantle of educator on top of their usual roles, which is both frustrating and draining for parents.
 There are a good number of very capable and approachable teachers, in the     area. To enable access communication with these teachers – and between   parents, the AVG Home Educator Forum (a Face Book group)  has been   created.
The primary aim of this group is to connect parents with teachers. Parents can ask questions of the teachers on the discussion board or, if invited, have a private messaging chat.
The secondary aim of the group is to provide a repository for home schooling resources and enable parents who are home schooling to network with each other. Please take a look and take part.

Information about local suppliers currently trading and other useful information can be found here.

For information on sewing gowns and face masks, click here.

Information For Volunteers

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to help. The current rota can be found here

To get in touch, call 07375 839182  or  email: